Helpful Tips
Source: Handspinners' Tipbook: Spinning, Knitting, Weaving, Dying
 Compiled by the members of the Spindle and Dyepot Guild, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

-Hand spun singles sometimes cause knitted fabric to "bias". To prevent a knitted piece from going on the slant when doing stockinette stitch-- knit into the back of each stitch in the knit row. ( If using circular needles, do this every other row.

-To avoid static cling in your fiber ( like mohair and angora ) put them in the freezer for awhile before spinning.

- When taking lied yarn off the bobbin, have as much distance between the wheel and the niddy-noddy or ball winder as possible, as this will help even out the twist.

- To spin for weaving, you will achieve a smother fabric if you spin the warp thread one way and the weft thread in the opposite direction. The fibers will be going in the same direction when woven.

- If your yarn is itchy after spinning , soak it over night in baking soda ( 4 Tbs. of baking soda in water to cover yarn/garment). Don't rinse it out! Spin out excess water in washing machine, then hang to dry