Wisconsin Spindle and Dyepot Guild

Spindle and Dyepot Spinners Guild Library and Equipment

Last recorded by Carol Abraham 2016.



1) Amos, Alden The Amos Alden Big Book of Handspinning , Interweave press 2001

2) Baines, Patricia Linen: Hand Spinning and Weaving, BJ Batsford Ltd , London 1989

3) Buchanan, Rita A Dyers Garden , Interweave Press 1995

4) Bush Nancy Folks Socks, Interweave Press 1994

5) Crolius Kendall & Montgomery Ann Knitting with Dog Hair, St Martins Griffin, New York

6) Dean Jenny Wild Color , Watson Guptil Publications, New York 1999

7) Delany Connie Spindle Spinning, Kokovoco Press 1998

8) Field Anne The Ashford Book of Spinning, Shoal Bay Press New Zealand 1999

9) Field Anne Spinning Wool: Beyond the Basics, Shoal Baty Press New Zealand 1995

10) Fournier Nola In Sheeps Clothing, Interweave Press 1995

11) Galaskas Beverly Felted Knits Interweave Press 2003 

12) Lewandowski Marcia Folk Mittens, Interweave Press 1997

13) Ligon Linda Homespun, Handknit Interweave Press 1987

14) Linder Olive & Harry Handspinning Cotton , Cotton Squares 1977

15) McFarland Susan Combs Combs Combs! Calnin Press 1997

16) Menz Deb Color in Spinning Interweave Press 1998

17) Menz Deb Color Works Interweave Press 2004

18) Milner Ann The Ashford Book of Dyeing Shoal Bay Press New Zealand 1998

19) Okey Shannon Spinning to Knit Interweave Press 2006

20) Robson Deborah Handspun Treasures from Rare Wools Interweave Press 2000

21) Ross Mable Handspinners Workbook: Fancy Yarns Spinningdale Devon Kinross 1989

22) Simmons Paula Spinning & Weaving with Wool Pacific Search Press 1977

23) Simmons Paula Spinning for Softness and Speed Graphicom Inc Berea Kentucky 1982

24)Stove Margaret Handspinning Dying & Working with Merino & Superfine Wools Interweave Press 1991

25) Switzer Chris Spinning Llama & Alpaca Switzer Land Enterprise Estes Park Co 1994

26) Taylor Kathleen Yarns to Dye For interweave Press 2005

27) Varney Diane Spinning Designer Yarns Interweave Press

28) Vogel Lynne The Twisted Sisters Sock Workbook Interweave Press 2002

29) Wild Fibers Magazine ( asst,)

30) Corran Eric Understanding the Spinning Wheel Eric Corran Melbourne 1998

31) Cypher Carol Huber Hand Felted Jewelry & Beads Interweave Press 2006

32) Evers Inge Feltmaking Lark Books Asheville Nc 1987

33) Lynne Erica Angora , A Hand Book for Spinners Interweave Press 1992

34) Reeve Jo The Ashford Book of Carding Willson Scott Publishing

35) Atton, Mavis, Flax Culture Ginger Press , Baines, Patricia  Flax & Linen, Shire Pub Ply ( Magazine) 3 copies

DVD & VHS Tapes

1) Art of Fiber Dying Sitzman Sandy, Woolgathering

2) Dying in the Kitchen DVD , Menz Deb, Interweave press

3) Fiber Dying DVD Menz Deb Yarn Barn of Kansas Lawerence, Ks

4) The Gentle Art of Plying DVD, MacKenzie Judith, Interweave Press

5) Spin - In '86, DVD   

6) Spinning Demos '86 Spin in Spinners

7) Lamb, Sarah DVD Spin to Weave


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