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Patrick Green home style carding drum.
Fish Creek, WI (54212)

The carding drum was purchased in 1980 and used lightly for 3 years. The mahogany frame measures 10"x20" and produces a 7"x24" batt size. It is the home style carder (swift changeable and doesn't require belt tension adjustments), has a new belt and 75 teeth per square inch.

Patrick Green carder that is similar to this one, retails at $950. In good condition this used carding drum value is $475. The teeth are rigid and at the correct angle with no rust. It weighs 16 lbs and can be shipped from Pack and Ship in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin. Speedy delivery is available for in state shipping.

It's a great carding drum, but I haven't used it for over 30 years. I use it for carding vicuña wool mixed with merino!

Contact : Wendy at  interfibers@gmail.com                 www.interfibers.com

Posted 11/16/16