Wisconsin Spindle and Dyepot Guild

Wool pot luck.  Members bring to the meeting fiber that they would like to share. We combine our fibers and send it to the mill for processing into roving .  Can you believe the color we got. 

All our fiber was picked and mist together. This is what it looked like before it was carded.  One pound of black llama and one pound of red alpaca was added to this pile and not pictured. 

Our guild held a Batt to yarn to finished project contest. We started with a pot luck roving where everyone brought in different fiber to share. From there we could pick out colors, types of fiber  and card them into a batt.  We then spun them into yarn. Judging took place on each section of the contest., all scores were added together and winners were declared.

Erin showing us her beautiful shawl she made.
 It was AWESOME .
 NICE job Erin 

Here are some of the socks made from the 2016 summer sock blank  dye session  

     Sock blank dying   September 2016 


The guild is trying a wool pot luck. Members brought in any type and amount of fiber they wanted. We are having it blended together at the mill and our one of a kind blend made into roving. Each member will get back close to the same amount they brought in.

We have a blend of 33% Shetland, 35% Mystery breed sheep fiber, 8% East Fresian sheep, 12% Suri Alpaca, 12% Angora rabbit.  Colors ranged from white , dark brown, light brown, gray tan, red, purple. 

We will post the finished roving once it comes back.

To the right


Field trip to Spry Whimsy  Fiber studio . Her we are learning to make felted flowers 


It turned out wonderful.  The texture is VERY nice ,soft and could be warn against the skin, The color is unique, it seems to change depending on the light you are in. It will change from a heather mauve to a gray mauve to a brown mauve. Very interesting color.

It supn up really easy with no nubs and noils

Here are some of the beautiful picture batts we created. We found a picture and carded a fiber batt  on the drum carder to match the color and proportions of color to the picture

Cristal - above is teaching us a Tunisian Crochet pattern.   Below  members are working on their skills






Working hard on our felted slippers


 Felted Slippers


Off on one of our field trips to the All American Fiber Mills in Illinois 







Needle Felting


Crystal working hard on her carding at one of our meetings 

Our Booth at the Maker Fair held at the Wisconsin State fair grounds